So, before we go straight to the data, its important we highlight the backgrounds and expertise of the team members who produce these results.

Apio is a collective of individuals who’s backgrounds include, publication, music, television, radio, traditional marketing, branding, business, online and social media marketing.  From this collective we have cultivated what we feel, and the data backs up, is a truly unique process that maximizes social media engagement.  We do this by providing our community members with localized, filtered, unique content delivered in different ways.  The means in which we deliver the content differs.  We analyze the data, flex all of our talents and experience, then react in real time in hopes to achieve the engagement.

The Process

First we had to choose a product.  We chose Real Estate.

Our Competition

Next We Built One Of These

We found a Real Estate partner, added in a few additional
online community building ingredients, and started our process

Over The Next 45 Days

We Built This

90 days Later We Went Live

The data you are about to see is web traffic for the first 30 days of our flagship website.  At the request of our partner, we cannot divulge the actual leads generated during this 30 days.  However, we can say, they are still our partner and we are already planning to expand into additional markets with them.

This is not grey hat, black hat, magic, or overnight.

This is strategy, knowledge, ability, and consistancy