4 Tips For Building Your Local Brand

Researching ways to build your local brand? You’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point, thanks to the sheer number of tips and suggestions you’ve come across. Setting up a brand up for success is a multifaceted, long-term project, and hardly for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for a short, but effective list of tips to start the process off right, look no further. Implement these four top brand-building strategies before shifting focus.

1. Develop Memorable Branding

Your business needs strong, cohesive branding to stand out both online and off. The scope of your branding project will be different than that of your neighbor’s, but there are several key elements to any business branding process. First, you’ll need a logo designed.

Ideally, your business’s logo should visually communicate as much about your brand as possible. Your other branding elements might include a letterhead, a website, social media post templates, headers, and other images for your social media profiles, signage, ads, and any other business brand-related documents and images. You’ll notice that your business’s brand recognition will improve dramatically after taking the time to refine and perfect your brand image.

2. Have a Local SEO Strategy in Place

Local business SEO is crucial to being found online. If you’re a small business and you aren’t utilizing Google and other search engines to increase the foot traffic in your store, you’re missing out on customers and profit. Having a local business SEO strategy implemented will help your business be found online more often by people in your area who are looking for the products or service you offer.

Building a local SEO campaign is a time-intensive process. You’ll need citations built and maintained, keywords placed strategically, consistent monitoring of review sites, and a whole lot more. Once your local SEO strategy is created and implemented, you’ll begin seeing results through increased brand awareness and new leads and customers.

3. Sponsor Local Events

Create buzz around your business by having a booth at local festivals and other events. Giving away small, branded freebies like water bottles, pens, and hats can be a simple and effective way to market your business locally. Having a presence at popular cultural events will get your brand in front of thousands of new faces. be sure to have a large sign or two created for such events to display your logo and other recognizable brand components.

4. Utilize Social Media and Connect with Local Bloggers and Media Outlets

You likely have social media profiles created for your business. Are you using them to their full extent? If your business has the budget for influencer marketing, you should be using it. If you aren’t quite there yet, try following local influencers, bloggers, magazines, and news outlets. Interact with them on social media and develop a relationship with as many as you can for future collaboration.

Your local business is bound to be a success, but you have to get people in the doors first. Use these ideas to help stretch the reach of your online marketing and find more interested consumers.